La Font de Notre DamE Terroir



Implanted on the southwest slopes of the « Dentelles de Montmirail », the soil is composed of limestone gravels and marl. On the vineyard, covering 7 ha you can principaly find old Grenache gobelet, Mourvèdre and trellised Syrah.
Locality: Le Trignon and Notre Dame des Pallières


Fragmented on different areas around Sablet, the 2/3 of the vineyard is situated near the Dentelles de Montmirail where the soil is composed of limestone gravels and marl.
The 1/3 left, located on the county of Sablet out of the Dentelles area, grows on detrital substrate and quaternary alluvions carried along by the Ouvèze river.


Implanted south between the « Ouvèze » and « Aygue » valleys, on the top of the hill
(350m), the soil is composed of pebbles and brown marl (chalky-clayey). There grows on the vineyard old Grenache gobelet, Mourvèdre, Cincault and Syrah.
Locality: Ratanaud



Implanted on southwest hillsides along the Rhône, among large pebbles and red clay, the vines are composed of old Grenache gobelet, younger Mourvèdre and Syrah.
Locality: Maillac
Superficie : 6.5 HA